Back from Honduras

Looking back on an incredible trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, our team of 13 accomplished the following:    4 - Classrooms were painted for Compassionate International.   Our team partnered with a local painting contractor and painted school classrooms.

10 - Women were taught how to sew and received their own sewing machine, supplies and sewing certificate.  This was a follow up from a father / daughter trip in 2011 when Rusty and Alyssa Fulling traveled to Honduras.  At that time Alyssa taught 7 women how to sew.   During this trip some of her former students joined her  to help teach the class.

100+  Burritas were given to children and their families at the local hospital.  Many of the children and parents often go hungry.   The team provided funds for the ingredients and helped cook the burritas before distributing them at the local hospital.

170+ Patients were provided medical care.  Over a 2 day period the team (nurse and nursing students) worked with a Honduran doctor to provide medical care to children and adults.

400+ Balloon animals, Beanie Babies & suckers were given to children as God’s Word was shared. The team visited La Fortunita, Cerco de Piedra, and Tegucigalpa.  After worship services at each location the team distributed stuffed animals, candy and made balloon animals.

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