Who is BioBob? Defining your ideal customer


If you have ever participated in business networking, you have no doubt heard someone ask “Who is your ideal client?” That dreaded question has prompted my heart to race and sweat to form on my brow. On one hand if I am too specific it can severely limit my market. On the other hand if I am too broad the description becomes extremely vague. In a recent staff meeting our team began compiling known descriptors of all the companies and owners we have worked with over the past 15 years. The information we listed were things like industry, owner’s age, company size, income, communication style, etc. It was fun to see some of the common characteristics of owners and industries that we had the most success with begin to stand out. From those characteristics we developed a “persona” of what an ideal client might look like. BioBob was born!

BioBob_01BioBob - Innovative Business Leader

 LEADER45-65 years old, Founder or Current CEO, Highly educated, Creative, Progressive, Innovative, High integrity, Well respected, Values long term relationships, Limited accounting involvement, Sees value in outsourcing, Leverages time and resources effectively

COMPANY - $1M-$5M in Revenue, 10-30 employees, Potential for fast growth, QuickBooks or Sage 50 software, Midwest location, Industries such as: Bio-science, Professional services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Technology

SERVICE NEEDS - Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounting, CFO and reporting, New company setup, Management change

Having a persona of our ideal client provides an easy to remember character for our staff and referral partners to better communicate who we want to work with. We even brought BioBob to life in a recent 1 minute video you can check out at:  Bob's story