Giving Back...The Kansas City Rescue Mission Women's Center

It was a chilly Saturday morning in late April as a group of about 50 of us from Christ Community Church went to the new Kansas City Rescue Mission Women’s Center to help them prepare for approval of a temporary occupancy permit. Starla working The group included all ages, from young children to senior adults. We split up in smaller groups to work on different tasks. There was a group who painted, those who built shelving, some who did landscaping and others who prepared lunch for the entire group.

My 20 year old daughter, Caitlin, and I joined the landscaping crew, and we all began by preparing the soil. When the group was ready to plant, Caitlin was helping someone else with some bushes, and I was joined by 6 year old Nathan. After being shown the flower planting process once by one of the other helpers, he quickly caught on.

A couple of minutes later, he came over to watch me as I dug a hole for the next calla lily and proudly told me that he was an expert in planting. I asked him if I was doing it right, and after a few seconds, he decided that I was.

His mother said they would have to start doing more gardening at home!  It was an enjoyable day, and we were blessed to help the Women’s Center get that much closer to opening their doors to single, homeless women.

Team pictureThe lessons I learned that day certainly apply to my life, but also in how we do things at Fulling Management.

While we may think we’re experts after doing something once, it usually requires doing the same thing several times in order to become experienced and truly skilled.

We've been in business for more than 10 years and each member of our team has more than 15 years experience in the accounting field.

Whether it's gardening or running your business, we want to provide you with accounting services so that you can focus on being an expert at what you do best!