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Social media footprint: Know what's being said about your business



“Where in the world did you learn about that?” Bruce asked me recently. What Bruce didn't realize is the power of social media and how his social media footprint can impact his business.

[column col="1/2"]Earlier that day I had sent him an email telling him what a good job he had done on a recent promotional video for Howard County Missouri. The video was well done and not only promoted the economic development in the county but also highlighted Bruce’s company Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc. Originally the video had been posted to YouTube and on the Moberly Area Economic Development Center (MAEDC) website. From there, a visitor to the MAEDC website shared it with his contacts on LinkedIn. As a Connection to the LinkedIn user that shared the story, I saw the video in my daily LinkedIn feed and contacted Bruce to congratulate him. Now I am again sharing his story and so the message continues.

From this simple example you can easily see how information can quickly be shared across multiple social networks. This opportunity to engage social networks creates a social media footprint that allows you to make key connections that can grow your business.[/column]

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So what is being said about YOU online?

A great tool that we use to manage our social media footprint is The service offers free tracking and reporting on a regular basis and allows us to track what is being said about our company in articles, websites, blogs, and other online environments.

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[message_box title="Don’t get caught by surprise on what is being said about your business." color="gray"] Have questions or ideas on managing your social media footprint? Give me a call at (913) 254-7300 or email me at And while you're at it, connect with us on LinkedIn! [/message_box] [/column]

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Watch Bruce's video from Addison Biological Laboratory