administrative Assistant (Part time)

Monday-Friday (up to 20 hours per week)

As our team has grown, we need a new team member dedicated to administrative tasks and details that cannot fit on the plates of our CEO and staff members. Our accountants and account managers often need support with client details, and our office needs help documenting key information, on-boarding new clients, managing social media and email newsletter, communicating with vendors, managing internal organization procedures and scheduling, giving a friendly first impression to clients and visitors, and handling basic bookkeeping. You’d report to our CEO and be in constant communication with each accounting team member.

We’re not a large company -- around 10 staff members -- so there’s definitely an “entrepreneurial” spirit expected. You’d need to often wear multiple hats at once and juggle a variety of tasks while thriving and always have a smile, ready to “put out a fire” and then greet an office visitor the next minute. However, we are not chaotic and do expect detailed organization and documentation of all work. You’d need to be willing to be flexible and adjust to doing tasks to fill in needs as they arise so that our organization as a whole can flourish.

You know you’re a success at this job if you are taking things off the plates of our staff so that they can have the freedom to serve our clients and help their businesses grow even more.

If you are excellent in time management, enjoy multitasking challenges, are highly organized, and have 5+ years of experience in a similar role, you should apply for this position. Typical hours are 4 hours per day, Monday - Friday

Please send your resume and cover letter to Include in your email the answer to these questions:

  • What are the 3 most recent books that you have read?

  • What do you know about our organization and how do you see yourself bringing value to our culture?


Fulling Management and Accounting has been in existence since April 2000 and we believe in being a family, serving each other and our clients in the way we'd like to be served. We are transparent in all our dealings since we are responsible with sensitive material of our clients. Anything less than the highest level of integrity is not acceptable. We also love to have fun and are looking for new team members who have a sense of humor and always stay positive even in stressful moments.