Executive Assistant

INterested in work that matters?

At Fulling Management & Accounting, Inc. we make a positive difference in each client, team member and community member we serve.

Do not apply if...

•    You enjoy hearing / sharing the latest gossip….
•    First impressions are not important…
•    You still use a rotary telephone….
•    Your alarm clock is used for decoration only…
•    You were nominated “Most Disorganized” in college…
•    This is your first job….

Position Summary

Executive Assistant will be responsible for leveraging the CEO’s time towards continued company growth, excellence in client service, and cultivating company culture.  

Key Areas of Responsibility

First impressions / marketing
•    Welcome guests / prepare sign information
•    Prepare welcome packet for new clients & team members
•    Manage company swag (T-shirts, stress balls, etc.)
•    Prepare slides for PowerPoint presentations
•    Ability to work with various communication styles
•    Company ambassador
•    Vendor communications
•    Management of LinkedIn accounting service inquires  

Social media
•    Newsletter management
•    Enter new contacts into newsletter database
•    Post newsletter articles to social media outlets
•    Company Facebook / LinkedIn management

Client Connection Management
•    Capture prospective client critical information
•    Setup new clients & activities in ACT
•    Manage CEO’s schedule to have strategic face time with top clients

Organization & scheduling
•    Manage CEO business and personal calendar
•    Setup & clean up conference room for meetings (Technology, snacks, etc.)
•    Travel reservations / planning for CEO
•    Order and maintain office supplies
•    Manage company serve events
•    Coordinate company celebration outings

Basic Bookkeeping
•    Scan deposits
•    Post deposits and receipts into Sage50
•    Accounts payable processing

Time & resource manager
•    Listening / Clear communication / Follow through
•    Timely completion of assigned delegated functions
•    Self-starter
•    Highly organized
•    Maturity when dealing with sensitive / confidential information  
•    Typical hours Monday-Friday 7:45am-5:15pm
•    Budget minded

Operations management
•    Assisting with new team member interviews
•    Capturing / documenting critical information in management meetings  
•    Input and development of best practices / efficiencies in company operations
•    Manage EntreLeadership training for new team members
•    Manage onboarding process for new team members

•    Sense of humor
•    Creative thinker
•    Professional with 10+ years experience in assisting senior management
•    Loyalty
•    Excellence in time management

To apply please send resume and cover letter to:  info@fullingmgmt.com


  1. What are the 3 most recent books that you have read?

  2. What do you know about our organization and how do you see yourself bringing value to our culture?