The Situation

Donna and her staff were working harder than ever but the results were difficult to measure with no firm financial reporting in place. Cash flow had become a challenge and she often felt all alone when it came to making important decisions affecting the company’s long term stability.

The Solution

Fulling Management focused on developing a cash flow forecast / budget. The forecast helped determine the desired sales goals. Once the sales goals were developed, Fulling Management worked with the Donna Wren Agency to strategize towards reaching their objectives. Each month Fulling Management helps keep Donna and her team accountable towards meeting their sales goals and staying within their defined spending plan.

The Result

"Cash in the bank!" The company has been able to build a cash reserve rather than operate in a deficit. By having well defined goals in place Donna and her team have been able to meet or exceed their sales expectations. She is able to manage using the financial statements as a tool rather than relying on decisions based on emotion. With proper measurements and tools in place, Donna’s hard work can be focused in the areas that will produce the greatest impact for her and her customers.


"I’ve owned an insurance agency for about five years. But it can be hard running your own business because you’re out there all by yourself. So I joined an association of small-business owners, and that’s where I met Rusty Fulling. At one of our meetings, Rusty described his business, and I thought he could give me a fresh outlook on mine. I wanted to grow my business and move forward, and I needed help with that. I knew Rusty wasn’t in the insurance business, but that didn’t matter. I could see that he knew how to run a business, no matter what it was. I’ve been working with Fulling Management since December 2008, and the things they have done for my business just amaze me! First, they got my expenses in line and showed me how to build up a cash reserve. And now Fulling Management prepares all of my monthly financial statements. But Rusty’s guidance has also given me a whole new perspective on the financial side of things — he showed me how to be less emotional and do what is right for the business. He helped me think through and plan major business decisions about hiring employees, making large purchases, and leasing office space. Rusty’s perspective is so important because most of us entrepreneurs are so deep into running our own businesses that we can’t see what needs to be done. I know Rusty genuinely cares about who he is working with. He is totally honest and absolutely someone you can trust. That was my first impression of him — and it hasn’t changed." — Donna Wren, President of the Donna Wren Agency/ Farmers Insurance