The Situation

After a full day of running the business, Nathan’s evenings were spent trying to keep up on paperwork and paying bills.  Unfortunately, he was getting further and further behind.  Bills were going unpaid and, worst of all, his CPA was unresponsive to questions and needed support.

The Solution

Fulling Management listened to the challenges Nathan was facing and implemented the following:

  • Developed a check & balance system for the Fulling staff to process approved payables
  • Improved cash flow by consistent cash management and scheduled vendor payments
  • Set up QuickBooks on the Fulling Cloud so Nathan has full access to financial data
  • Established accurate and meaningful financial statements
  • Strategic monthly management coaching sessions with Nathan towards company growth

The Result

With Fulling Management serving as an extension of the company’s management team, Line-X of Olathe has had new sales growth not previously experienced.  Nathan has been able to focus back on new sales opportunites and increasing the line of products offered. With a strategic management in place, Nathan can now more confidently pursue building and expansion plans.


“Fulling Management has literally given me my life back. In the past, I used to spend 20-30 percent of my time just on paperwork. Most nights, I wouldn’t get home until 8:00 or 9:00, and there wasno time left for my wife and kids. And keeping track of all the paperwork was hard — I know bills were paid late because I had tucked them away somewhere.  Worst of all, I was frustrated with my accountant. Communication was a realproblem — he wasn’t e-mail savvy, and it would take four or five calls just to get an answer from him. His billings weren’t itemized, and he even charged me for work he didn’t do.

Then I found out about Fulling Management. They seemed very organized and actually had a plan to help my businesses grow.  As it turns out, I’ve been able to hand over all of my paperwork to the team at Fulling Management. Now, they handle my day-to-day accounting. They have done a great job taking care of my payables, bank accounts, and taxes and withholding. What they do used to take 30 percent of my time and even then I would sometimes miss payments.  Now we simply go over all of these things two or three times a month.  Fulling is just so efficient — now bills are always paid on time.

I also realized that I needed some extra help with my business. After 10 years of doing the same thing, I was getting comfortable and taking things for granted. That’s a dangerous place to be.  Fulling Management stepped in here too. First, Curtis Aubrey from Fulling Management was assigned to my account. He is as good as any CFO because that’s exactly what he is for my company.

Curtis Aubrey and Rusty Fulling and I began having monthly meetings where we talk about various management issues, such as planning and budgeting. They were able to get inside my business and see things that I couldn’t because I was too wrapped up in it. They have brought a lot of fresh ideas and given me a lot of valuable advice on how to manage my business.  For example, I wanted to buy a building, and Rusty and Curtis helped me find a bank where I could get an SBA loan. They even went with me and presented all the information that they had compiled about my business. And when I wanted to buy a new truck, they helped me plan out the purchase by comparing price and rebates, and looking at tax implications. Also, when I began selling truck accessories, not only did Fulling Management bring their own creative ideas to the table they also referred me to a really good media advertising company.  This could literally triple the number of mycustomers.

It is so nice to be able to call Fulling Management and ask them where we are at.  They can do it more efficiently and better than ever I could.  Now my wife is happy and I get to see my kids grow up.”— Nathan Jolley, President of Line-X of Olathe