The Situation

After 20 years in practice, Dr. Rogers office had begun to see a decline in new patients and cash flow. Managing the practice had become a necessary routine.  Dr. Rogers’ time had become more consumed managing the business side of the practice rather than caring for patients.  This resulted in lower patient visits and a steady decline in cash flow.

The Solution

Fulling focused on:

  • Listening to the practice needs
  • Business coaching towards measurable success points
  • Identifying & improving areas of inefficiencies
  • Negotiating with a marketing company to begin actively promoting the practice
  • Measuring effectiveness of outsourced billing service
  • Managing the accounting process
  • Developing income and expense budgets
  • Assisting in managing cash flow

The Result

The practice has a renewed energy! With the marketing emphasis, Rogers Chiropractic has received both local and national exposure as an expert in the chiropractic field.  Both patient volume and cash flow continues to increase.  By bringing the medical billing back in house and reducing other unnecessary overhead costs, expenses are now managed and maintained within budget.  Dr. Rogers is now able to concentrate on seeing patients and looking at ways to expand the practice.


“I had been unhappy with the direction of my practice for some time. Expenses were too high, cash flow was a problem, and I was seeing fewer and fewer patients. The things that I’d been doing for years just didn’t seem to be working anymore. I got into a quagmire by focusing too much on the business side of my practice at the expense of patient care. I felt defeated like I was facing a mountain. Rusty Fulling stepped in as a true business coach and allowed me to take a good hard look at my business for the first time. He brought a third-party perspective to it and got me thinking about the “big picture.” But the biggest thing that Rusty and his team at Fulling Management did for me was customizing their services to the needs of my practice. They analyzed my expenses and showed me how to reduce them. They also re-aligned my billing system, which immediately improved cash flow. And they found a variety of ways to market my practice and increase my visibility in the community. This dramatically increased patient volume, which is the measuring stick of any practice. It’s not easy to describe how big a difference Fulling Management has made in my business. The difference is so big now I’m thinking about my patients, not about my business. They leveraged my energy and enthusiasm for patient care by helping me get control of the   administrative side of my practice. I told Rusty “Don’t offer me something large; offer me something that’s real and that will work for me. And he did”. – Dr. June Rogers, Rogers Chiropractic