June 6, 2017

Today our entire team journeyed to San Jose. I use the word “journeyed” because these were the most “exciting” roads yet. After the heavy rain this week, rather than the 12 passenger van, an airboat would have been my top choice of transportation this morning.

San Jose is a community of 400 people, several chickens, a number of pigs, one cat and too many dogs to count. Pulling up to the existing church structure in San Jose, we were greeted by 40+ children and a few moms sitting outside the existing church structure waiting for our arrival.

With help from the local families we chose a location in the middle of the community to setup the medical and dental areas. Let me just take a moment to say how amazing Dr. Sandra and Dr. Nora have been. These Honduran ladies work non-stop and model Christ’s love and compassion for the children and families in each community we have served.

One of our big objectives for this trip was to assist in the building of a new school/church facility in San Jose that would accommodate the children and families. Part of that assistance included raising over $11,000 to provide work for local Honduran men. We also found out recently that a grant of $10,000 was also given towards the project. The $21,000 estimated cost for the project is now 100% funded! So far the concrete footings, pillars, and end beams have been poured. The men were constructing the trusses for the roof while we were there.

Before we left for Honduras, the students at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Olathe, KS made friendship bracelets for the kids in San Jose. The bracelets were a big hit and very much appreciated.

As we prepared to leave San Jose, the van decided it was not going to start. That was a bit concerning since AAA auto club does not service this area. Luckily Jim Martin, Juan Carlos, and Manuel were able to get it running.

Our day concluded with a home cooked meal by Mama Blanca and heading back to the hotel before the evening rain began.

Tomorrow we get to go to Cerco de Piedra where we get to continue serving the children with medical and dental care.

- Rusty Fulling

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