business coaching


what is a business coach?

A Business Coach or Business Mentor is a professional with a background in business issues who oversees, assists, and guides you in developing and growing your business.

At Fulling Management, our coaching process helps you clarify your business goals and objectives and helps you strategically achieve those goals. We meet you on a regular basis, either in person or over the telephone, to discuss the current business issues you are facing and together develop solutions for improving your business.

The structure keeps you and your business on track and continuously moving forward toward your goals and objectives. Our services typically cover areas such as:

  • Business Growth - stabilizing and developing your Strategic Planning, Marketing and Promotional Planning.
  • Financial Oversignt - helping you understand your Financial Statements, assisting with Financial Operations Management, Cash Flow Management, Pricing Strategies, Employee Compensation plans and general Business Administration.
Everyone needs a mentor, someone who tells it like it is, holds you accountable, and shows you your good, bad and ugly,”
— John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing