The Situation

With her background in horse training, Renee’ had a creative idea to invent a new national equine sport. Horse Soccer would incorporate horses in a polo style soccer game in which the horses actually kick and hit the ball. She needed assistance in how to turn this creative idea into a viable business.

The Solution

Fulling focused on:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Setting up the corporation
  • Establishing merchant services for orders
  • Managing the accounting operations
  • Evaluating potential marketing outlets
  • Managing cash flow
  • Identifying and negotiating with manufacturers for production of the 50 inch rubber balls to be used

The Results

With an accompanying training video, the company has sold Horse Soccer™ balls in every state in the country.  With the financial side of the business managed by Fulling, the owner is able to focus on new marketing outlets and new opportunities to promote the Horse Soccer™ sport.


“Fulling Management & Accounting is the best out there. What makes them so good is that they can adapt to any company — big or small — and do as little or as much as you need. We are creative people and we needed some structure to our business. Fulling streamlined the focus of our business by setting up some fantastic systems to help us stay on top of our accounting, billing, and collections. Fulling actually functions as the business manager for our company. They have helped us strategize and shown us how to grow our company.” — Randy Miller, V.P., American Horse Soccer Association