Nexus Relocation

The Situation

This successful corporate relocation company was struggling with managing the financial operations of the company. Accuracy and inefficiencies had become major issues in the financial reporting.  According to the company’s tax accountant, the client was potentially facing several thousand dollars in taxes, penalties and interest.

The Solution

Fulling Management focused on rebuilding the company’s financial statements for the year to provide a proper representation of the taxable income. Rather than replacing the client’s accounting staff, Fulling Management developed efficient processes and procedures for their staff to follow. Fulling Management continues to work with their staff on an ongoing basis to ensure accuracy and management oversight.

The Result

Through the process of “cleaning up the books” and reviewing what had been reported, Fulling Management discovered the client had inadvertently grossly overstated their taxable income. This reduced their pending tax liability by several thousand dollars. Also with the new procedures Fulling Management and the client’s staff were able to identify new sources of revenue within their existing client base.  By Fulling Management introducing appropriate processes and assisting in managing the financial operations, the client can now focus on the new opportunities to grow the business.


“Fulling Mangagement has been working with my company, Nexus Relocation Group, since July 2008, and during that time they have done some remarkable things for me. They started by cleaning up my entire financial system, which at the time just wasn’t running efficiently. They went back over a complete calendar year—month-by-month, check-by-check, statement-by-statement—to properly organize our records. They set up systems to predict our cash flow, expenses, and monthly break-even point. They encouraged me to look closely at the value of my services and to charge more when it was appropriate. Fulling Management also helped me develop a tax strategy, which greatly reduced the impact of taxes on my business. Of course I am pleased with all of the things Fulling Management has done for Nexus, but I am just as impressed with the way they have done them. In the past, I’ve worked with accountants who just told me what I had done wrong but were never interested in showing me how to do things correctly. Rusty Fulling was the first person who actually took the time to learn about Nexus. He was honestly interested in finding out what I wanted to accomplish and then showing me how to get there. Rusty’s approach is not a template; he customized it to meet my company’s specific needs. Now, he strategizes with me and asks thought-provoking questions. And he often has insights about Nexus that I’m just too close to see. His skill set and objectivity have enabled us to get to the next level. The type of business doesn’t matter — Rusty just knows business in a very real, relevant way. In short, Rusty fulfills the financial piece that I need and rely on.” – Becky Oliver, President of Nexus Relocation Group, Inc.