The Situation

For this 120+ employee janitorial company, traditional business coaching and an outsourced QuickBooks expert was not working.   Using multiple outsourcing vendors was not providing the business owner the congruent support and accurate data he needed to manage the business.  Even with increased sales, cash flow was declining with a constant struggle just to meet weekly payroll obligations. The business focus had shifted from growth to simply survival.

The Solution

Fulling Management took a holistic approach to the overall management of the company, providing assistance such as:

  • Establishing accurate and meaningful financial statements
  • Improving cash flow by consistent management and scheduled payments
  • Eliminating insufficient fund charges
  • Developing a debt reduction plan
  • Collection of past due customer accounts
  • Developing marketing strategies and collateral
  • Developing compensation models for key staff members
  • Assisting with interviewing management candidates
  • Administering DISC profile evaluations
  • Strategic management coaching sessions with TESco’s management team

The Result

With Fulling Management serving as a true business partner, the TESco management team can once again focus on growth and succession planning.  Cash flow is now managed and forecasted.  Debt has been reduced by over 50% in the first year alone.  Monthly strategic coaching sessions incorporate financial measurements, vision development, and accountability towards staying focused on the goals established.


“I’ve known Rusty Fulling for a long time, but I never really knew what his company did. When I found out how well versed Rusty was in larger companies like mine — over $2 million — I realized that he could help me step it up a notch. He already knew the kinds of things I was dealing with and wouldn’t have to come up with new solutions. We’re big enough that my attention is constantly drawn to other places, but Rusty keeps me focused on our goals and keeps me from going off in too many different directions. And Curtis Aubrey of Fulling Management functions essentially as our CFO. He works so well with our office administrator that I don’t have to be involved in all of the day-to-day operations. Fulling Management has moved us a long way. For example, now we have more capital; we’re more viable, stable, and secure. They’ve given us ideas for change and growth. Rusty is very thorough and consistent. He always does what’s in our best interests, and I’ve never seen him do anything opposed to our business or just to make a buck. Even though I’ve known Rusty for years, I never knew he drove a pickup truck. A person in his position, you’d expect him to be driving a Lexus. But Rusty’s not about status; he’s down-to-earth and forthright. He’s a man of integrity, and I can trust him. You know, Rusty doesn’t walk on water, but he sure swims higher than most of us do.” – Tom Mitchell, President TESco

“I’ve seen a lot of accountants come and go over the years at TESco, so I really didn’t know what to expect when Fulling Management started working with us. But after three months, I was sold. They aren’t just typical accountants who come in and balance the books and leave. They immediately improved our cash flow and financials. But for me especially, Fulling Management brought an outsider’s perspective — they were able to look differently at our business and help us figure out where we’re headed and where we need to go. I really like working with Curtis Aubrey of Fulling Management.  He has gone above and beyond — it almost feels like he is part of our company. He took it upon himself to personally deal with our vendors, our collections, and the IRS. And he standardized our accounting practices so now things get handled on schedule. I was also really surprised at some of the other ways Fulling Management could help us. When we wanted to hire a new manager, Rusty Fulling showed us how to write the ad so it would clearly state what we were looking for. And now he’s helping us write some of our marketing materials. I admit that I was skeptical at first — I am the kind of person that you have to prove it to me — but I am very pleased with Fulling Management.” – Stacey Gifford, Office Admin for TESco