Our vision statement literally moved us


When I started Fulling Management & Accounting in 2000, we were able to find a great office location. It was close to the gym, easy access to I-35, and most important to a new business Old office spaceowner, the rent was very inexpensive. Over 13 years, that initial office space provided flexibility for our company to develop our niche, reputation and business focus.

In late 2012 I began the process of developing a new vision statement for Fulling Management & Accounting. The process included defining better the services we would provide, how we would provide those, and the type of clients we would serve.

Our new vision statement became:

We are the accounting & business management solution for innovative small business leaders seeking growth through accountability, Christian stewardship, and proven business practices.

As our team began to buy into the new vision, it was easy to see that our facility and location did not communicate the vision that we were attempting to create. Over the past 4-5 years several of the neighboring businesses around our space had closed creating a number of empty or abandoned buildings.

We spent over 6 months looking at alternative space that would better fit our needs and vision. Many of the buildings and locations met some of our criteria but if we were going to make the move we did not want to settle short of our goal.

New Office SpaceIn December 2013, we had the opportunity to look at space in the Kansas Bioscience Park in northwest Olathe. Wow! The first impression in seeing the building was "innovative". That had been the missing link in the other facilities we had looked at.

The facility serves as an incubator for new bioscience companies, which aligns well with our current client demographics.  We officially moved in February 1, 2014. You can see our new facility at: http://www.kansasbioauthority.org/incubator-space/

 Our new vision statement not only provided direction as to making the move but also guided us into a new location that better communicates the vision of Fulling Management & Accounting.

We look forward to giving you a tour soon!